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Why Accounting Services Matters


The first step to taking charge of your business future is understanding your business figures. Here is where small business accounting specialists can give you the financial visibility you need for success. At Nova, we take time to thoroughly understand your reports and explain what the figures have to say. Imagine the edge you will achieve having a certified practicing accountant translating your business figures into clear information about your business that you understand and action. With this information, you can identify opportunities to maximize performance and uncover greater potential. Not only that but you can change any factors that may challenge your business growth and forge ahead on the road to success.

Tax Accountant Melbourne Victoria


Your full Nova services goes beyond just gaining an accurate picture of where your business is now. Our certified accountants work to understand not only your numbers but also your business activities and aspirations. That’s why our regular face-to-face meetings are such a game-changer. Through these meetings we help you increase the value of your business by using current performance and numbers as a foundation for future success planning. We help you stay fully across your current business performance and continually align this with your future goals. In short, our skilled business accountants keep you right on track to achieve your future aspirations and vision for your business.

Nova Accountants For Financial Services

Our chartered accountants see your business through a fresh pair of eyes. That means we have expert impartial insight to ask the hard questions that keep your business on track to success. If you’re looking for an accountant, choose Nova to empower your informed decision-making, growth and opportunities.

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Finding The Right Tax Agent In Melbourne For You


Local hands-on bookkeeping support for all business sizes and types by certified practicing accountants. Nova is the up ace up your sleeve to reduce your paperwork burden and perfect compliance while complementing your business and bottom line.

Small Business Advisory

Looking for progressive business forecasting input, insightful contributions to strategic planning and growth efforts and more informed decision-making? Our chartered business accountants readily share the advice and support you need.


Experienced advisors to help you get the ideal individually tailored business plan, structure and advice. Nova gives you the tools you need to turn your business idea into a healthy cashflow asset.

Sole trader and partnership

We get it. You have enough to do in running your own business without EOFY, tax returns, financial statements and more. Our custom end-to-end services relieve these pressures so you can put your focus where it matters most: your business or partnership.

Business accounting

Our experienced business accountants provide a complete financial solution no matter what your business size, type or needs. Let us take care of all your accounting requirements and complexities while you get on with business.

Tax returns

Tip top tax planning and compliance is key to both business and personal success. With Nova on board you can enjoy optimum tax deductions and returns. We’ll even prepare and submit your tax return for you. Who said tax has to be complicated?

What do our clients think of Nova Accounting?

Specialist Melbourne Accountants

Save Money

Keep healthy cash flow and have more money flowing into your business. We make sure your numbers make sense to you so your business stays on a strong growth trajectory.

Save time

Figures on-hand, freedom to focus on business. This is what you can enjoy when our accounting specialists take all your tedious financial to-do tasks off your hands.

Stress Less

When you confidently know exactly where your finances stand now, where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there, what is left to stress about? That’s right. Nothing.

Innovative thinking

There is nothing typical about Nova. Our accountancy approach delivers a complete financial service plus a strategic business and lifestyle-enhancing experience like no other.

Work Smarter

Peak business performance, prime opportunity-readiness and a powerful planned path to future financial success. We replace ‘hard work’ finances with ease, efficiency and expertise.

Local and Personalised

We are a highly sought-after accountant in Melbourne for good reason. We don’t do long distance relationships. Instead we work right here on the spot helping local businesses grow.

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