If you are looking for a reputable accountant Carrum Downs, why not look for a complete business financial services hub? You will find this in Nova Accounting.


Freedom from financial record-keeping and a newfound sense of business control. This is what bookkeeping is all about. Maybe you simply do not have time to attend to your bookkeeping responsibilities. Or perhaps your bookkeeping skills need a brush-up. Either way, our small business accounting and tax specialists give you an expert reprieve from day-to-day bookkeeping.

So what aspects of bookkeeping can we help you with? All of it. As a chartered accounting firm, we know just what financial components your business requires. Let us take care of your:

• BAS and GST
• Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
• Reconciliations for: debtor, creditor, bank, credit card and inter-company
• General ledger and business administration
• Payroll
• Data entry
• Accounting software
• Debt collection

Empower your business with local hands-on bookkeeping support for all business sizes and types. Our certified practicing accountants Carrum Downsreduce your paperwork burden and perfect compliance while complementing your business and bottom line.


Accounting firms should do more than simply keep your numbers in order. Nova Accounting provides business advisory services to grow your financial management acumen. Our financial and accounting expertise makes us your ideal sounding board for

• Business structuring
• Cash flow planning
• Individual growth strategy design
• Business tax planning
• Business planning
• Product or service pricing
• Debtor and creditor turnover
• Tax and financial compliance
• Relationship-building with key stakeholders like banks
• Much more.

With the right advice and information, you can make more informed decisions and forecasting of your future business position. No two businesses are alike. That’s why our business accountants and taxconsultants tailor advice to your individual circumstances. Speak to Nova Accounting about the advice and support you need for long-term profitability and success.


Set your business up for success from the start. You can do this before you even open your doors for the first time. Nova Accounting helps you start and build your business from the strongest foundations with:

• Sound strategic business plan
• Individually tailored business structure
• Expert business and financial advice.

When it comes to sustainable business success, the devil is in the detail. That’s why Nova Accounting helps you craft a strong business plan that forms your blueprint for long-term success. Our business accountants help you spot any pitfalls, implement cash flow strategies, plus set viable pricing and budgets.

Our certified practicing accountants know how key your business structure is for protecting your assets and earnings. We begin by fully understanding your individual needs then expertly help you tailor the most favourable business structure to match. This can help you enjoy optimum tax savings and lean business expenses.


Business can take many forms. Sole trader and partnership structures have unique accounting, tax and financial record-keeping requirements. Luckily Nova Accounting offers total accounting solutions and tax advice for sole traders and partnerships.

Life as a sole trader can be sufficiently demanding without adding accounts management and key financial decision-making to the mix. Nova Accounting takes these demands off your hands so you can lace your focus where your business needs it most. Our accounting and tax consultants ensure you have full financial visibility of your business at all times. We’ll also take care of your specific tax return needs, ensure you receive any tax offsets, keep your accounts in tip-top order and make sure you claim all legitimate expenses.

Partnerships similarly have specific accounting and tax requirements. In a partnership, the control, responsibility and finances of the business are shared between all partners. There could be two or more people in your partnership. Profit-sharing and debt responsibility are key considerations in a partnership.

Nova Accountings help you satisfy your specific accounting and tax obligations while reaping maximum financial rewards. We help you gain clarity as to how your business finances are tracking and support you in increasing profits and cash flow.


Small businesses can kick big goals. Nova accountants Carrum Downs offer a full range of accounting services to help you constantly put your best foot forward. Our certifiedaccountants help you achieve greater financial efficiency and prime your business for success through tailored growth strategies. We also set you up with top tax effectiveness and compliance.

Your complete business accounting solution includes:

• Accurate financial statements
• Pinpointing of any challenges or potential issues
• Efficient debt payment and collection strategies
• Real-time knowledge of how your business financials are tracking
• Streamlined financial reporting systems
• Tax planning and strategies
• Business future planning.

Our experienced business accountants provide a complete financial solution no matter what your business size, type or needs. Let us take care of all your accounting requirements and complexities while you get on with business.


Tax can be a key tool in your wealth creation and business security. When you work with Nova Accounting you access a network of experienced tax agents and consultants who specialise in tax returns for SMEs, partnerships and sole traders. Certainly, we ensure every tax return supports you to pay the minimum in income tax and achieve seamless ATO compliance. Yet our tax consultants do more than simply help you complete top tax returns. We also help you: • Get your impeccable income tax return completed as quickly as possible so you can get back to focusing on business • Maximise all legitimate tax deductions for the best possible cost savings • Protect your assets through tax efficient business processes • Achieve tax efficient business structures • Enjoy hassle-free GST and BAS. Your complete Nova Accounting experience encompasses more than just watertight tax returns. We are the tax agent of choice for top tax compliance and efficiency.